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Secret Graphics

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Hello and welcome to Secret Graphics, Mary's (chryseis_) icon and graphics journal. Here you will find icons of models, fashion, movies, tv shows, actors and actresses and man and pretty much anything that comes to my mind that I like.

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- Comment Please leave a comment, even if you're not taking anything. I like to know people like what I do. ^_^
- Credit. Please credit me if you're using the icons or graphics.
- Do not hotlink. My bandwith has limits. You can save the icons/graphics in your computer and then upload them using Photobucket.
- Do not customize the icons. Unless I say they're bases, please don't do it. I made them that way because I like them that way.
- Friend me. If you want to friend me, go ahead and do it. I'll be happy to friend you back. ^_^

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- Photos. photo_decadent The Fashion Spot. I Heart Jake (Jake Gyllenhaal). WalkingInDayDreams (Keira Knightely).
- Brushes. 100x100brushes meleada poshpixel ownthesunshine amethystia

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